ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

Where Is My Love?

(Polyxena's Tale)


 she came from a distant crowded city

 with words that portray emotion and feeling

 she described her life

 a single day

 a journey she had made ...



I wandered from my lonely home

I left there in the spring

An instinct and an inner voice

My spirit taking wing



A promise made eons ago

My mind begins to race

An impulse deep within my heart

Has brought me to this place



 he waits for me though time stands still

 the rain the clouds release

 and coiled wires and radio waves

 the distances decrease

 the distances decrease



 the images of street invade

 my introspective mood

 I quicken pace look straight ahead

 but poverty intrudes



 what right to dwell on self

 when sadness fills the bitter air

 a tattered man - his fiction world

 my mind becomes aware



 a uniform and time stands still

 the tattered disappears

 the street is safe for working class

 they worry when he's near

 they worry when he's near



 the timepiece tells the here and now

 my thoughts are years ahead

 the gypsy cloth, the dusty gloom

 the table glowing red



 clairvoyant specialists transcend

 the constellations said

 the fortune told - the path now clear

 prefer the dark instead



 a shop with potions - cures for pain

 for sadness and for greed

 elixir stings my throat and stills

 a hollow aching need

 a hollow aching need

 Instrumental Break (Bill Cozzo's Electric Guitar Solo)


 time restarts and tolls and lights

 the taxis and the rain

 conspire against the elements

 of desire within the brain



 my destination rises on

 an avenue of light

 an ancient house - the windows watch

 me moving through the night



 the door approached and I stand still

 my hand upon the bell

 rehearsing all the things Iíll say

 and all I have to sell

 and all I have to sell



 we meet, your hands extend to me

 words stumble to explain

 the time that passed - the emptiness

 the feelings will remain



 your human-ness now reaffirmed

 the fallibility

 the expectations redefined

 don't tell me - I can see



 you walk away and time stands still

 and now I realize

 the images that I create

 will have to satisfy

 will have to satisfy

"The Eyes Have It" Drawing © 2004 Peter Eccles