ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The Telepathic War

 (When Two Magicians Met on a Radioactive Planet)


 two Harmonauts portrayed a battle they had fought

 a psychic war for the dominion they had sought

 they sang their song - but their souls lived on

 a distant poisoned realm




we met it was prearranged

 and the planet was long sterilized

 by the wars of a race long dead

 their ghosts did cry and the wind through the mist


mist that lay a sulfuric stage

 the light that fell was too dim

 to see where Falerina did stand

 but soon the fibers of thought reaching through




 to deep in my head injecting

 the anger that you have seen me display

 and the pride - a disability

 I govern all worlds - but then there is you


 you cannot win this battle

 your will is broken - your options are gone

 I had offered you apprenticeship

 but you stood alone - you must have control




 control the fires that burn here forever

 splitting atoms are all that remain

 summon the memory of spirits that fly

 they cannot feel pain - for now they are dead


dead planet continues to spin

 though long ago it was home to a world

 a crazy chorus - a forest of rain

 but steel met steel - and power was king

 Brief Instrumental Section



when your logic prevails - you lose sight of my kind

 we exist for more than your pleasure

 the weapons I use are not the ones that you choose

 but do I hide them as if they were treasure


no time for your lies - emotive alibis

 the whole world rests on my shoulders

 don't show me your tears - I won't spare you the fear

 of joining those I have conquered

 Chorus of Falerina and Psikeros:

 the silent despair of this place

 should move us to compromise

 the madness distorts local space

 light bends round our eyes

 Instrumental (Guitar Solo)



I summon the tired, the weak, and the raped

 the ones who have become wild

 those unknowing fools who have broken the rules

 to stand, to fight, in this trial


 secret of the sword, gestalt de la guerre -

 I amplify aggression to seize her

 I call the warriors of time to this field -

 take part in this Martian fever



 the Wiccans of old, Joan of arc, I am told

 the sound, the flames, the magic

 Appalachian lands stolen from Cherokee hands

 the trail of tears, itís tragic


 the psychosis builds - my fingers are wrapped

 you feel your nerve fibers twisted

 you can't withstand - the strength of this man

 you've lost your chance, you missed it



 I feel your grasp - your self-confidence

 you knew you'd win from the start

 You know, you're sharp - but here in my hand

 you see that I hold your heart


 this struggle can never be finished

 locked in deadly embrace

 I hope Iíve not hurt your self-image

 I see no fear not a trace

 Instrumental (harmonized synthesizers)

"Fault with Alien" Drawing © 2004 Peter Eccles