ETHERIA A Modern Musical

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The Tantalum Carbon Alloy Moon


 a traveler - a pro at mining mountains

 he had a tale to tell of a particular

 place in space - he was of a race

 not naturally evolved


 the spectrum indicated

 that the rock was prime for change

 a mother lode of promethium

 in the crystal mountain range


 a foreman of the drilling teams

 The Miners if you will

 I was selected and dispatched

 was genuinely thrilled


 to watch the mindless robots

 spin an artificial moon

 to build a base (profit making haste)

 no time to study runes


 no statement of the ecologic

 consequences there

 no agencies - no bribes to make

 no one to interfere



 the satellite was soon complete

 three moons then in the sky

 soon The Miners would arrive

 to bleed the planet dry

 and when the precious metals were gone

 we'd leave this world behind

 no one to stare in wonder at the

 tantalum carbon alloy moon


 I set my feet upon the land

 and faced the solar wind

 my skin reacted to the light

 and no I can't pretend


 that photosynthesis is wrong

 a pleasure and a need

 genetic rearrangers spawned

 a race who never feed



but then my mind became aware

 a pool of ocean blue

 the particles suspended there

 revolving and they grew



 and soon a woman stood before

 my disbelieving eyes

 she turned - she pointed to the Moon

 that floated in the sky

 there were no words - emotions swept

 the surface tension and

 I felt the fear - a vision clear -

 she moved - she touched me with her hand


 the mountain spires were fallen, crushed

 the fractal patterns gone

 volcanic fires - the vision said -

 would fuel a smoking dawn


 the living layer - very thin

 would be reduced to sand

 the woman and her protozoic

 kind gone from the land



 the light returned - the vision done

 I turned to her to say

 I didn't really understand

 but she faded into gray

 the disassociation came

 before she told me why

 as she returned to primordic state

 I thought I heard a sound - a distant cry

 instrumental Section (industrious robot scene)


 the miners came - their work began

 the rocks were cut to size

 and placed into the freighters docked

 at the Carbon Alloy Moon


 and all was well as time moved by

 then a routine seismic scan

 the structure of the planet changed

 events not in the plan


we analyzed, synthologized,

 the numbers were unclear

 the crystal mountains began to quake

 the Miners ran with fear


 there was no time for their escape

 the magma rivers flowed

 the Alloy Moon upset the gravity

 equations showed



the mission there was now complete

 a fortune had been made

 but the planet was returned

 to its Precambrian past


 I will always see her face

 of sadness - I was warned

 but Iím controlled by recombinant genes

 and Tantalum Carbon Alloy Moon

 the Tantalum Carbon Alloy Moon

"Strange Woman" Drawing © 2004 Peter Eccles