ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

Standing With You



 You have come to Etheria

 I was afraid that you would not attend

 we are now together

 I donít want these feelings to end



 years have passed and I have missed

 the touch of your hand

 but we are here as living myths

 the faith of this land


 Iím not sure that I want

 to play in this role as a priest

 if we had not returned

 what would these Athenians do?



 don't theorize - it came to pass

 according to plan

 we play our songs and then we leave

 don't misunderstand

 we cannot provide


 but weíre free


 there would be rebellion

 a reason for anger and war

 H. etherius extinct -

 no life to see as before


 a traveler from space would

 find not a trace

 of a race

 only hieroglyphs

 in the ruins of stone



 you place your thoughts so far away

 cities buried in sand

 but I am here and I can say

 beside you, I stand

Instrumental Break



No one knows the beginning -

 how long has this colony survived?

 and are there cults on other worlds

 who wait for the sounds to arrive? if time could be changed

 and the past rearranged

 could Etheria worship the sun

 or a prophet of god?



in the schools of ancient man

 metaphysics debate

 the Harmonauts must never doubt

 that this is our fate

 I will study your face

 what should I see

 educate me



 I am here - Iím with you

 I can't say how long it will last

 my thoughts now shaped by ether

 Iím afraid - we're moving too fast


 the pain that I feel

 when I call out in vain

 to the sky

 for the answers to life

 am I wasting my time?


 it's true

 I must realize

 and focus my eyes

 on the feelings inside

 I must make up my mind



 the festival - it waits for us

 we must return

 perform the rites of sacred sound

 the rhythms that burn

 but when it is time

 for me to leave

 will you come with me?

 Polyxena and Isolier:

oh yeah