ETHERIA A Modern Musical

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The 3D Sentinel © 2004 Gary Curtis


Vocals: Falerina

 the metal ball spins silently

 traversing space in orbital plane

 with radar tongues that taste the space

 and UV eyes that squint in the light

 of distant stars



 waiting - watching - barely thinking

 the sentinel stands

 regarding heaven - guarding against

 invasion force - unseen hand



 No visitors to Etheria

 for many scores of years

 but the warrior robot generals

 had the sentinel stand near



 a flicker of light will wake the wires

 the circuits spring to life

 to analyze - to synthesize - to realize



 a false alarm the sensors cool

 return to ready state

 vigilant above the atmosphere

 to protect the planet's fate



 another day another night

 another game of solitaire

 then frequent photons flash and trigger

 the machine to stop and stare



stare hard at distant realm of space

sentinel becomes aware

that an enemy of all that lives

has presented incandescent flare



the flicker of light has woke the wires

the circuits spring to life

sound alarms cry out for help

to save the sentinel



 save me it cries Iíve done my job

 donít let them shoot me down

 donít let the evil ship that nears

 that fills my processors with fear



 the ship will know that cover's blown

 the ship will seek revenge

 and plunge me into eternal sleep

 and will I dream of electric sheep



 and does there exist a wireless god

 that waits to judge me, the tireless pod

 I can't be accused the sin of hate

 Itís just not there within my data

 don't turn me OFF

 donít turn me OFF

 don't turn me OFF



 far below in a central command

 a technician moves his silent hand

 to throw the switch that shuts the power

 that kills the computer in sentinel 9



Ground System Engineer:

 pod 9's offline again

 it logged an invasion - do you believe that?

 hey look at the sensors - it looks like an armada!