ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The Plot to Steal the Music

 Farbucron, the Merchant:


what is that you got there lad

 in the belly of your flying ship

 Itís a design Iíve never seen

 don't try to give me the slip



let me explain - I specialize

in the traffic of imported goods

if itís for sale Iíd like to know

but can you tell me - what does it do?



Itís really nothing

 no value at all

 please don't be insulted

 but I won't say more



 now you really have me on

 the answer no I will not take

 just name your price the deal is done

 my fever's up Iím on the make



all right Iíll tell you

 a sound recording machine

 but Iíll not sell it

 so please donít ask me again




 a machine that records sound

 what a fascinating find

 why did you bring it - why are you here

 can you tell - can you spare the time?

 The Recordist's Invention


 I have found a way to save notes that I play

 the frequencies of sound that I hear

 to hear them again


 the subtle blend of tones painted onto canvas

 an electronic fresco of tape

 that spins much like the sun


 when I hear the tapes that play

 the echo of my own voice

 I feel detached - outside of myself

 distraught but I have no choice


 to record the songs at the festival of Etheria

 would be the greatest thrill of my life

 the songs would be mine


 the Etherians could have the tapes - the stories

 enrich their lives for one thousand years

 until the next return


 I worry that the Harmonauts would disagree

 they may feel that they have been wronged

 that I am a thief

 I will tape them secretly as I have planned

 I will present the songs as a gift

 to Etheria

 to Etheria

 to Etheria

 Isolier leaves.



 stroke of luck - now let me think

 what could I do with such a machine

 Iíll have a drink and contemplate

 a new money making scheme


 how much would these backward fools

 pay to have their songs returned

 Iíll play the tapes for this dreary world

 they get religion - I make some change


 if he is able to capture the noise

 these naive musicians will make at the show

 Iíll know what he's done and Iíll borrow the tapes

 religion to Etheria I will sell

 I will sell