ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The Art of Grave Robbing

The Merchant's Tale


 a salesman came -

 with products for the taking

 the Festival -

 there was money for the making

 his merchandise was on display

 esoterica for those who pay

Farbucron, The Merchant


 please wait your turn

 you'll get your chance

 experience an erotic fling

 to touch the sound

 and see the heat

 to do the psychic swing


 gather round and check your cash

 imported goods are here for sale

 rhino horn and mammoth tongue

 and pharmaceutic ale


 the cargo hold of my ship is filled

 with a million metric tons

 I deal in life - exotic slaves

 and organs - hearts and lungs


 archaeologists come see

 sarcophagi are now in stock

 shroud of Turin for just a fee

 stone tablets are on the block



 if you are looking for goods hard to find

 black market sales - you have seen some hard times

 if itís endangered Iíll sell you its skin

 if itís immoral it's time to begin


 chamber of illusions

 telepathic theatre

 a courtesan with her hair aflame

 you'll be alone in there with her


 if you have a problem

 need some powder to be your all

 you feel the need to medicate

 this merchant makes house calls


 perhaps you need a family

 to love to give you warmth

 check my zombie catalog

 they have a quiet sensitive charm


 if you desire an identity card

 if you need a personality

 my plastic surgeon can alter your face

 psycho-tropics can shape your reality



 and if your problems will not go away

 and you know in your mind that youíve tried

 to live a good life - just give me a name

 and then your problems soon will have died

 The Auction:

 start the bidding now

 a whale skin leather jacket

 11 hundred credits to start - 11 11 12

 1250 - SOLD !

 mountain gorilla liver powder - an aphrodisiac

 500 500 550 6 - sold

 autographed copy of the Necronomicon

 1100 credits 11 11 1150 12 - sold

 another classic: the Encyclopedia Galactica

 2500 25 30 35 3550 - sold!

 hereís an ivory scrimshaw tiara

 start bidding at 6500 65 65 70 75 whoíll give me 80

 80 85 85 85 - sold!

 next up - Excalibur

 starting at 10 thousand credits - give me 10 10

 11 11 12 12 going once twice sold

 and here is an Arrakeen stilsuit

 95 hundred 95 95 97 97 98 98 98 - sold!

 next item: a stealth bomber with heat seeking missiles

 starting at 75 trillion credits

 75 75 80 85 85 85 - sold!

 and for our final sale:

 a white slave girl and a kilogram of powdered poppies

 starting at 35 thousand credits

 35 35 50 55 65 70 75 75 95 95 95 98 - SOLD!

Instrumental Chorus


 from a world with an acid rain

 in a bottle of formaldehyde

 well preserved - this human brain

 a politician's - who wants to buy


 now if you want weapons this

 rifle fires a particle flash

 pierces armor - lacerates flesh

 reduce your enemy to piles of ash


 consider this - a planet for sale

 green and lush in a prehistoric way

 and you'd be a king or a president

 or a god - you can have it your way


 the people there are paleoliths

 you could give them a new government

 mate with their women - create demigods

 itís your planet - you could charge them rent



 If you are looking for goods hard to find

 black market sales - you have done some hard time

 if itís endangered Iíll sell you its skin

 if itís immoral itís time to begin