ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music 2002 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The Legend of Harmonautics

Thalia, The Narrator:

Etheria, a world without much history

had anesthetic winds to dull the misery

a race of sentients had evolved

who toiled fields by day


our lives were simply lead, no complications

no politicians, wars, or automation

we believed the legend of the Harmonauts

who came, who'd come again


their return would bring to us a revival

we'd waited many years for their arrival

they bring no gifts nor gold nor guns

but only verse and song


the elders foretold with no apology

the young ones rebelled against mythology

the travelers had been here before

they would return again


the words they carry would portray

the sights and sounds, light years away

of battles lost, of loved ones gone

of machines and mechanical men


each would come from

some distant part of space

solo voyage exploring some exotic place

the prophecy of Etheria

was waiting to be brought to life


when they return we'd host a celebration

the Festival of Sound an inspiration

the songs would take us far away

and fill our lives again


and then they'd leave

to travel once again

and the legend of the players

would live on


"Columns of Dysphoria" Charcoal Drawing 2004 Peter Eccles