ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

"Cyber-Soldier" © 2004 Peter Eccles

The Fox (The Recordist's Tale)


 His name was Isolier and he approached the stage

 he told us of a war - where many died in rage

 he cued the band - he raised his hand

 and took us to a world ...


I was flying through the wilderness - an unknown star

I needed fresh provisions - and to breathe some air

so I rode the bigger waves of a magnetic field

to the surface - of the planet I could see it was real

I stood there all alone in an eerie zone

there was gunfire and I felt that I should get out fast

then a soldier with a rifle and coat made of rags

ran up and said: hey man you better hit the pad


- 2 -

there's a fight on and the Council is seeing red

so move for that cave or youíre gonna be dead

cause now you with the rebels you're a human like us

if you were a Shape Changer I could not discuss

because you would have killed me in a terrible way

but now I live to fight them - I will make them pay

a Changer may be hiding as rock or a tree

but I vow to remove them - wont you listen to me



and then we will be

living life in peace

but for now you see

we got nothiní but heat


 we crawled into the darkness - water running cold

and the cavern was filled with the aroma of mold

there was a crowd of people living there in the black

The Leader said to me - I am known as the Fox

 cause we live in this hole and we run when itís night

and we raid on the castle - Council calls us blight

they are creatures unholy - from a faraway place and they have

governed these people for a very long time


- 4 -

they may appear human but that is only a shape

not like us at all - not descended from apes

though they have not harmed us they have stolen our will

they control our every action - itís a bitter pill

but we have taken steps to overthrow them now

we've got some new weapons and the will to survive

so will you now join us become part of our war

to help regain our freedom - open up that door


and when we are done

the sun will rise

the day will dawn

and blind our eyes


 - 5 -

I stopped him short - I said: now why should I fight

Iím here for rest - not for revolution

this is your war I donít know what's at stake

for all I know - youíre the son of the devil

who is the Council? what is a Shape Changer?

Could they be here now - am I in some danger?

Could you start at the top give me more information?

Hey what is that noise - what is that vibration?


- 6 -

and a column of stone reaching up to the ceiling

turned into a man - a man with no feeling

cause he started to kill any rebel in sight

but we took him out - with our guns and our knives

as he lay there and bled - you know his blood was white

he said: if the Council dies you will not see the future

we protected this rock and your people for years

and you pay us back with anger and fear


and then he died

and lying there cold

the column of stone

an ore - it was gold


- 7 -

are you convinced now - the Fox said to me?

that were justified in fighting - wonít you join our war?

you see he killed my men and they must know of the Cave?

and soon there will be more - our situation is grave.

We must strike tonight - and we will finish them off

then we begin to live and be the kings of this world

We  run along the river that has formed this room

it branches into darkness several miles away


- 8 -

a feeder stream is born inside the walls of the Realm

the Castle of the Changers we can enter unseen

you rebels take these weapons they will finish the task

And are you with us Space Traveler - then put on this mask

But wait - I said - these weapons they're an alien make

high energy lasers - these are not bows and arrows

where did you get these guns - you don't manufacture

these tools of despair - who is funding you there?



so then the Fox said

oh yes we have friends

they believe in the truth

of our rebellion


- 9 -

so we moved through the Cavern - torches burning bright

and creatures quite blind fleeing out of our light

and then we arrived - crawled through a break in the wall

basement room of the Castle - and we entered the Hall

there was no person there but birds of great size

and they circled the room the Fox said - aim for their eyes

The rebels they shot - pteranodons from the wind

till each was lying on the floor in a pool


 - 10 -

a pool of white blood and the Council was gone

the weapons were lethal and the rebels had won

the rebels rejoiced - the women embraced the men

they had taken their land and they raised up a song

then the Castle was filled with machines of great size

the robot allies who had given them guns

the Fox stood tall and he greeted them all

we will live our lives now and rebuild our world


- 11 -

these were deadly Machines and they began to kill

but why screamed the Fox - have you betrayed me this way?

we could not stop the Council - said the Cyberpunk King

The Changers were able to track us too well

But you simple humans are not made of steel

and so you could slip into the Castle at will

and take out the Council with the weapons we gave

and now the planet is ours and the iron we crave


- 12 -

well this was too much for me so I ran for the wall

and I fled through the Cave to the Room to my plane.

And I fired up her rockets and was soon in the sky

I really felt bad leaving the Fox there to die

but the machines were on top - they were sure in control

and it wasn't my world - not my world after all

what happened after that I really don't want to know

I had to survive - so I could come to The Show



he fox is a memory

is story lives on

e humans learn slowly

rust nothing, no one 


and when we are done

the sun will rise

the day will dawn

and blind our eyes

"Under the Castle" © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler