ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The Explanation



all I did was show the world my invention

 a way to store a song that I heard

 words on a page

 capturing your soul was not my intention

 your voice has become a slave

 a prisoner in a cage


 how was I to know

 that they would corrupt it

 take my gift and use it to steal

 causing you grief

 tell me what can I do now

 to make it up?

 find the merchant and then burn the tapes

 punish the thief


 I heard you sing at the celebration

 filling my mind with light

 machines recorded the grand occasion

 not knowing wrong from right


 vibrating strings induce a certain sadness

 distant horns that play as the wind

 echo through time

 talking drums convey a feeling of madness

 hypnotizing those who would dance

 those who could rhyme

 instrumental chorus


if I stood alone, awaiting the judgement

 what would history say of my crime

 does it fill me with fear?

 sentenced by the ones whose songs have

 been stolen

 run the tape of my voice crying out

 for the rest of my years


 I heard you play felt the sounds within me

 the recorders there heard you too

 locked away now the songs are frozen

 the legend that lived is no more


 I am on my knees seeking your forgiveness

 do you remember the love that we shared

 Itís hidden by night

 the spirit of our youth has gone now it is lost

 say you understand what I did

 bring me into light

 bring me into light

 bring me into light

On Forgiving

 Polyxena's Reply



 you've come to me

 to explain what you have done

 Youíre genuinely sorry

 I can see

 a song, most precious

 has been taken away

 and I canít get it back

 lost forever, gone from me



 I cannot forgive you

 my anger is deep within

 I cannot forgive you

 can you forgive me?


 when I was young

 emotion colored my dreams

 and the world existed just for me

 as experience and knowledge

 they gave me harmony

 my song became my biography


 sound became thought

 and the feelings within

 that could not be spoken were revealed

 but now my mind is filled

 with darkness the storm is near

 love has left me now

 and that's how I feel



 I cannot forgive you

 my anger is deep within

 I cannot forgive you

 I could try ... I could lie

 instrumental break: organ solo


 you've made a mistake

 you gave away my soul

 the melody that defines me

 I s gone

 and you hope I can understand

 and say itís all right

 but Iím not a spirit - I am human

 and you've done me wrong


 the end of our love

 is hardest of all

 the final act, the encore,

 curtain call but once, you meant a lot to me

 an inspiration for all I achieved

 and now it's my fault, Iím sorry

 I have to leave



 I cannot forgive you

 my anger is deep within

 I cannot forgive you

 can you forgive me?

 can you forgive me?

 can you forgive me?

oh oh