ETHERIA The Rock Opera

Words and Music © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

Two Swords, Neurotoxin, Fire (Destroy The Tapes)


 On board his ship readying for take-off.


 to err is human - escape is divine

 before the blood begins to spill

 their religion has taken a hit

 and theyíre looking for someone to kill


 I was only doing my job

 playing the angle - making a score

 not the first time the ancient art

 of merchantry has started a war

 The Recordist comes into the freighter.



 You will not be leaving

 your troubles have just begun

 no longer deceiving

 I have come for those tapes



 Don't be a hero - donít be a fool

 Etheria is not a worthy stage

 You' re the Recordist - you broke the rules

 don't look at me with eyes of rage


 I possess them - the tapes are mine

 and Iím headed for the black of space

 if youíre wise - you'll do the same

 Iíd disappear soon without a trace


 Grabs a long sword from a rack.

 You will stand and fight

 Iím here - for Etheria

 you will do what's right

 or fear will invade your mind

 Merchant obtains another sword and they duel. Merchant scratches the Recordist. Recordist then stabs the Merchant


 if you are thinking that Iíll die alone

 the poisonous sword that I hold in my hand

 has scratched you and later your breathing will stop

 the end of the wonderful life you had planned

 ah ah

 The merchant ceases to be physiologically active.



 here they are - the tapes

 the music - the curse

 how could I have been so blind

 itís cost me so much


 now I watch them burn

 the dark flames consuming

 and I feel the chemistry now

 it drags me away

 10 - Bridge

 will my ghost journey there to the canyon

 cut by glaciers from stone

 will it join with the wind in a chorus

 or freeze like ice - all alone


 I have felt the cold of space

 emptiness there

 I have walked through the river of time

 Iíve seen a thousand suns


 I can only wish my work here

 has touched her

 she'll reflect - and Iíll be alive

 alive in her mind

 alive in her mind

 alive in her mind

 Isolier reaches the point where entropy prevails and the Electroencephalogram is flat.

 "The Burning of The Songs" © 2004 Jeffrey L. Sponsler